by Max Barry

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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

New Gandor wrote:The NGS Ogien pulls aside the battered Nautilus and extend a plank over the side. Four armed sailors cross the plank, cuff and arrest Karamazov. Admiral Jackson Nowak receives confirmation they have him, and radio the other fleets that Karamazov was captured.

Cheers roar from the Ogien and the entire Gandorian fleet. The battleships cease fire and a hazy smoke covers the water.
Karamazov is brought aboard the Ogien and put into a holding cell. the Light Cruisers Ogien, Nauka, Czas make their way to Beauvois to hand over Karamazov.

The Constitutional Republic of Zion

The Quebecshirite naval forces stationed in Beauvois meet the Gandorians there and arrest Karamazov. They prepare to have him flown back to Bostonia and inform the government of Quebecshire at home of his capture.

Creeperopolis and Caezar