by Max Barry

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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

New Gandor wrote:The destroyers, Jacek, Serce, and Tuz and The light cruisers, Nauka, Czas, and Ogien begin evasive maneuvers and thread the torpedoes, a few coming in close contact.

5 torpedoes head towards the back fleet, One striking the battleship Thompson on the heavy armor belt, causing a dent and medium internal damage. 15 men die as a result of concussion and 45 are wounded

4 head towards the Heavy Cruiser Obfity and breach the hull causing it to take on water. The order is given to abandon ship, men fall into the water.

Radio transmission is sent out to Creeperopolis and fellow Gandorian ships to send help to pick up survivors. In retaliation the battleships Thompson, and Zeblotny continue to bombard the naval yard. Out of a crew of 400, 203 are confirmed dead, survivors, wounded, and other dead are still being picked up by Creeperopolis, and New Gandor

Admiral Jackson Nowak replies to Karmazov, "you have sunk one of our ships, no mercy will be shown unless you surrender. Surrender now and stand trial, bring your sub to the surface and be prepared to be taken aboard the NGS Ogien."

The Constitutional Republic of Zion

Karamazov stands atop the surfaced Nautilus with a radio in his hand. He waves a white flag of surrender.