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Quebecshire wrote:This is voided for [the following reasons:

- "none pierce the hull, allowing the ship to remain afloat." I'm not saying the ship has to sink right now but come on. Two entire fleets are attacking this ONE sub. Also, the offensive weapons system should be damaged to some extent, limiting a full-scale retaliation.

- "The crew hastily repairs the breaches" LMAO I sent FIVE subs actually designed for a fast attack against TWO which aren't, and you're able to just repair and launch countermeasures with no damage? No.

- "The missiles pierce the outer hull of the Submarine, killing 37 men." If 37 men are dead then there is definitely some internal and/or weapons systems damage.

- "Karamazov, from the MSS Nautilus, has ordered all of his submarines to retreat from Morovan waters. They are to attempt to use torpedos to distract the enemy ships while they read for international waters." If they're gonna flee you need to be more specific. I don't know if you checked the map, but you're surrounded.

Everything I didn't specifically quote is fine. You can edit the original post if that makes it easier.

Iíll respond to these in order
-first hull is pierced, massive internal damage.
-unable to repair breaches, first hull lost
-37 men died from drowning, as in the first hull area is sunken rn. Thereís obviously internal damage,
As the entire outer area of the sub is inaccessible
-New Gandor Quebecshire
Karamazov has sent out a request for ceasefire talks, and will being his subs to the surface if the enemy fleets will halt their attacks