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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

The Constitutional Republic of Zion wrote:Thank you for doing this.
The Nautilus
The Nautilus takes several hits, throwing several men and killing 19 of them. However, none pierce the hull, allowing the ship to remain afloat. In response, the Nautilus fires 20 type 53 torpedos at the Gandorian fleet.
For gandor and paleo
The National Assembly hall explodes in a brilliant flame, causing a fire that begins to spread through Kieva.
Submarines outside Kieva
One of the two Morovan typhoons begins to take on water near its starboard side. The crew hastily repairs the breaches, and one submarine replys by firing an R-39 Rif SLBM at the Quebecshirite aircraft carriers, while the other fires 6 type 53 torpedos, one locked onto each attack submarine, and the sixth heading towards the same as the fifth.
The Morovan Strip
Hughes smokes a cigar and puts his feet on his desk
“We here on the Strip are fine. I am concerned about the capabilities of our defenses, however. Political institutions offer little real power anymore. It is technology that is the new power in the world.”
Graham speaks from his horse
“I pray and aid all good people who come to Zion. My people have begun calling you “The Night Men.” They believe you come to hurt them. Do I have any assurance you will not?”
The sub in the west
The missiles pierce the outer hull of the Submarine, killing 37 men. (Typhoon has multiple hills) The sub, in response, fires 6 R-39 Rif towards the destroyers, with 2 heading for each destroyer.
Submarine sac is attacking
The outer hull contains the explosions, keeping the damage from reaching the rest of the sub. However, the outer hull is pierced, and the outer area begins to take on water. The ship fires an SLBM at the sacramento fleet and fires 6 torpedos towards the destroyers
The southern submarine
Two SLBMs are launched at the Groffenford battleship
Retreat order put out
Karamazov, from the MSS Nautilus, has ordered all of his submarines to retreat from Morovan waters. They are to attempt to use torpedos to distract the enemy ships while they read for international waters. Karmazov also sent a radio message to New Gandor, calling for a ceasefire.

6 torpedos were fired, not 6 SLBMs