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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

Quebecshire wrote:The Quebecshirite government sends a message to the Morovan assembly that if Karamazov does not stand down with his submarine fleet, strikes on installations across Morova will resume and commence in other areas. It is stated that only one-sixth of Quebecshire's relevant cruise missiles have been exhausted and all other fleets in the region are fully armed. Both missiles are unable to make it to the Quebecshirite fleet. They both lose control of their paths and fall somewhere over the central (possibly slightly to the southeast, see spoiler) regions of the Morovan island.

After picking up on the attempted attack, the Quebecshirite fleet contacts those of both New Gandor and Creeperopolis, who are closer to the northwestern region (Blockade Map:, and inform them of a submarine in the area and request them to detect and eliminate it. The fleet also clears Gandor to launch limited cruise missile strikes upon the naval shipyard on the northern coast of Morova.
The FSQ members continue inland in their vehicles, seeking to contact Graham and his forces.
Cesout Bonhom sends a digital conference call request to Hughes in the Morovan strip.

I will provide proper sources for everything to ensure my integrity expectations as a moderator are met.

The range of the two missiles is 404-460 miles (650-740 KM)

The distance between the northwest coast of Morova (where the submarine is) and the Quebecshirite fleet (southeast cost/oil region) is off the southeast coast. The missile Zion gave me is linked below, for source:

The distance between those two points is roughly 700-900 miles. miles. If you're wondering how I came to that conclusion, I imposed our RP map over a transclusent world map after aligning their edges. The distance was roughly the northwest coast of Ireland to Southern France. Maps below.

Imposed Maps:
Lowball Map:
Highball Map:

Either way, both of these missiles would fall short and land in Morova. Where (or what upon anyway) they land in Morova is up to Zion (be it a desert, be it a farm, it's up to him as a player).

The Creeperian fleet received the message sent by the Quebecshirites requesting aid. Immediately, the DTI Chalatenango, DTI Ciudad Rey Alfonso I, and DTI Denshire are ordered to hunt down a Morovan submarine detected in the area. The destroyers detect the submarine and each fired two harpoon missiles at the submarine, six in total. The aircraft carrier PAI Emperador Adolfo III is put on high alert and its aircraft were prepared to take off if necessary. The BHI San Lucas hospital ship was also prepared to deal with any potential casualties. The remaining battleships, heavy cruisers, and light cruisers were on standby should they be needed.

(Harpoon missiles have a range of 150nmi, 172mi)

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