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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

Quebecshire wrote:MARCH 30, 2020 - CONCURRENT EVENTS


The three-hundred FSQ operatives prepare to be sent to territory occupied by the Republic of Zion on their transports while the fleet keeps the attention of the Morovan submarine fleet on the eastern coast. They have prepared to be transferred to the southwestern peninsular tip on the island of Morova. As the evening begins to draw in, they all board the transport and begin the journey to the territory held by Joshua Graham and his Zionian rebels.


The Quebecshirite fleet fires forty-five tomahawk cruise missiles from one of the destroyers (roughly half the arsenal of one destroyer) at submarine shipyard/port in Kieva for the fleet which the Morovan government possesses. The cruise missiles are launched roughly five minutes after the transport deploys to Zionian territory. As the missiles rain down over the Kievan shipyard, the Quebecshirite navy sends the following transmission to the forces of Greater Sacramento, New Gandor, Creeperopolis, San Carlos Islands, and Groffenord.

    The cruise missile attack on the shipyard in Kieva is serving as a distraction for the purpose of transporting Quebecshirite Special Forces. Please do not launch any further attacks at this time. Thank you for your understanding.


The FSQ forces arrive on the southern coast of Zion and the ship prepares to deploy the forces out into the land. From the ship, they seek to contact the Zionian rebels by any conventional means that may be plausible for both sides.


The Administration for International Cooperation and Diplomacy attempts to contact Mr. Robert Hughes after learning of his rebellion from the Morovan government. Cesout Bonhom is attempting to contact him directly.

The FSQ deployment is made up of thirty squadrons of the special operations forces. The deployment is to be led by one of the squads which were pre-selected to lead. The organization of each squad is listed below, along with the number of each member type per squadron and the armament of each member type. The uniforms for this mission are generally black and covering the entire body, and they are equipped with night vision equipment in addition to general supplies.

Squad Commander - 1

    One saberstaff (hinged at the center for compactness), one Glock 18.

Logistics and Strategic Assitance Officer - 1

    Communications and radar equipment, single-blade lightsaber, Heckler & Koch UMP.

Reconaissance and Aid Officers - 3

    Single-blade lightsaber, C14 Timberwolf, one Glock 18.

General Assault Officers - 5

    Single-blade lightsaber, Colt M16A3, one Glock 18, Combat knife.

The New Fandom Republic
The Constitutional Republic of Zion - Please respond at some point with the aftermath/reaction to the airstrikes as well as the Zionian response to the FSQ arrival and the attempt to contact Hughes.

Kieva - Port
623 casualties have been reported from the port, from both military and contracted technicians and suppliers. The docking stations for the submarines have been heavily damaged and are under emergency repair.
ASBMs launched from a submarine
2 ASBMs have been launched at two Quebecshire aircraft carriers from a submarine in an unknown position from the northwest waters of the island in response to the missile attack on Kieva.
The Tribals guarding the shores of Zion allow the FSQ past them, giving them a wide berth. Rumors about the so-called “Night men” spread through the superstitious canaanites.
Morovan strip
Hughes has indicated he would be open to a digital meeting.