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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

Zion searches for trade partners
Settlers in New Canaan have begun selling stolen Morovan steel and oil, as well as .45 auto pistols (based off of Browning M1911), the sacred weapon for all Canaanites. They will sell goods to any nation who can pay in cash and carry the goods to someone who can receive them.
The Morovan Strip Declares Independence
The Morovan Strip, one of the few economic areas allowed by the Morovan government not to be owned by the state, has declared independence as the "Free Economic Zone," with Robert Hughes as the unquestioned Ruler of the strip. Hughes has not been seen in person for weeks, but made the following statement in a TV address.
"As Morova nears the brink of war, it is imperative that our beautiful city separate itself from the oncoming onslaught. As of today, I have purchased all of the hotels, casinos, and roads within the strip and I am declaring it the esoviergn land of the Free Economic Zone. Any troops, Zionian, Morovan, or otherwise, will face the automated defenses that Hughes Aeronautics is installing around the strip as I speak. Remain calm and continue to return to the Strip for days and nights of fun, excitement, and relaxation."
Please read the wiki pages on Zion, The Way of the Canaanite, Joshua Graham, Robert Hughes, Hughes Aeronautics, and the Morovan strip. I have created many of these pages to help make information widely available to everyone before conflict begins