by Max Barry

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Region: The League of Conservative Nations


The detachment of the Portsmouth Fleet of the Grand Navy of Quebecshire has departed to the Morovan region to enforce TCN Resolution 011 as well as further Quebecshirite interests in the region. The ships will arrive in the region by the evening.

Contents of the Fleet

MGQ Arceneaux (IRL Nimitz class carrier, based on USS George Bush).

    The carrier is carrying forty F-35 Lightning IIB jets as well as twenty Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk helicopters.

Three destroyers (USS Michael Monsoor based).

Five attack submarines (USS South Dakota SSN-790 based).

One amphibious transport dock ship to be based in Beauvois until further notice, absent from the remainder of the fleet's position. (USS New York LPD-21 based)

Seven littoral combat ships (USS Indianapolis based)


The red circle denotes Kieva.

The yellow zone denotes territory controlled by Zion.

The red zone denotes areas of oil drilling by Morova.

The ships denote the extent of the blockade.

The anchor denotes the base of Quebecshirite operations, a leased area in Beauvois, a port city in Groffenord.


Upon arrival, the fleet will take positions along the path denoted by the map (excluding the two transports, who will continue to Beauvois along the Groffenordic coast in Groffenordic waters). The fleet will take positions close to and around Morovan oil drilling sites and monitor any coming or going ships in the region for weapons distribution. The following PSA has been disclosed by the Quebecshirite navy: "If you are travelling to Morova in a cargo vessel, be prepared to be stopped and routed to Beauvois for weapons checks." The transport will be on standby with a total of three-hundred FSQ operatives (the contents of this ship is not public IC knowledge). The positioned fleet has not been given any further orders as of this moment.

Deployment of the Submarine fleet
In response to the departure of the Quebecois fleet, the Morovan submarine fleet (6 typhoon class subs and the Nautilus) have been deployed to Morovan waters near Kieva. They have been ordered to fire upon any armed vessel entering Morovan waters.