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Region: The League of Conservative Nations


The rules for the oversight hearings in regard to the Sinking of the Lady Kieva have been agreed upon by the Parliament. Each party's caucus will be allowed to formulate their questions and comments to those testifying and the leaders of each party will be the ones presenting them, presided over by the Speaker of the Parliament, Lucien LaRochelle. The hearing will be publicly broadcast.

Those testifying before the Parliament of Quebecshire:

  • Administrator for National Defence Émeric Boudreaux

  • Admiral of the Portsmouth Fleet David Massé

Content of the hearing:

    Lucien LaRochelle: Admiral Massé, did your fleet have any awareness as to the specific origin or purpose of the ship before firing upon it?

    Admiral Massé: No, the ship had not registered with the port in the city for arrival. As a result of that, they were unable to contact our secure line for information or help and were unable to inform us of their purpose.

    Lucien LaRochelle: Did you know the ship was Morovan?

    Admiral Massé: We knew it was probable but were unable to confirm.

    Lucien LaRochelle: When was the decision to fire on the ship made?

    Admiral Massé: After it had been unable to contact us for several minutes and after it had travelled roughly one mile into Quebecshirite waters.

    Lucien LaRochelle: Administrator Boudreaux, has any important information changed since your initial public report?

    Administrator Boudreaux: No. Our investigators still estimate the death toll to be approximately 2,300, which we expect to have been the entire capacity of the ship. It is also confirmed that the ship was of Morovan origin.

    Lucien LaRochelle: Thank you. The parties of the Revanchist Coalition have no further questions.

    Anatole Azéma: Our only question is to both the Administrator and Admiral, did you do you believe the security of Quebecshire and the city of Portsmouth could have been compromised had the ship not been stopped?

    Administrator Boudreaux: At the time I had passed decision making to the discretion of the fleet. At this time I feel I cannot properly answer until all debris from the ship has been collected and properly-identified for its origin.

    Admiral Massé: During the lead-up to the incident we felt it could have posed a significant security risk. It was an undocumented ship with unknown contents illegally in the area. As for my opinion at this time, I concur with the Administrator.

    Anatole Azéma: That is all from The League.

    Pascal Vidal: Administrator, could you reiterate to the Parliament the type of ship?

    Administrator Boudreaux: The ship was confirmed to have been a large cargo vessel of Morovan origin.

    Pascal Vidal: Was that also the general type of ship used in the prior weapons smuggling operations between Morova and Paleocacher that our detachment detained in Beauvois?

    Administrator Boudreaux: Yes.

    Pascal Vidal: Admiral Massé, what was the attack you authorized on the ship after it illegally entered Quebecshirite waters and did it put any Quebecshirites at risk?

    Admiral Massé: Our submarines attacked the ship first to largely incapacitate it. We waited for a brief amount of time again to see if it would be able to contact us, as it would have been able to if it had been registered. After no further comment came two aircraft bombed the ship. No further action was taken after that. There was no substantial risk to any servicemen beyond that of a normal level.

    Pascal Vidal: Onward Quebecshire's caucus has heard enough to maintain its view of the matter, thank you.

    Léonard Philidor: Administrator, is it accurate that all or most of the victims of the incident were innocent civilians?

    Administrator Boudreaux: As our investigation continues it was likely the majority of passengers were non-combatants.

    Léonard Philidor: Admiral, were you aware that the vessel was not purposed for naval operations when you attacked?

    Admiral Massé: We were aware that it was a cargo ship, but not of the contents nor the purpose it held.

    Léonard Philidor: That is all we have for now, but the Communist Party would prefer a follow-up to these affairs as investigations continue.

    Lucien LaRochelle: That is all for this session, the hearing is adjourned.
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