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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

The Constitutional Republic of Zion wrote:Address by Grand Admiral Karamazov to the people of Morova and the world
Grand Admiral Karamazov addresses the world from his super-submarine, the MSS Nautilus. He sits at a steel desk, his right hand resting on a .45 caliber pistol with a black steel barrel and a wooden grip. Behind him, a red flag with a golden rifle is pinned to the wall, one of the symbols of the Socialists during the Morovan Civil War
“Captain Ivanovna. His daughter, Grushka. His brother, Phillipe. These are just three of the thousands of victims of today’s brutal massacre. They begged for aid. The cried to whatever Gods were listening to save them. No help came. Instead, we are challenged to ensure this catastrophe will never happen again. Quebecshire, a nation once known for its reason, showed no quarter. Refusing to contact the ship, it engaged an unarmed vessel carrying refugees. Now, if Quebecshire will make this right by paying reparations and prosecuting those responsible for this incident, we will forgive them. However, we are prepared to expel all Quebecshirites from Morova and seek action through the international legal community. I now want to encourage all Morovans to be willing to challenge themselves. Our situation has become desperate enough that people are willing to rush into danger to escape our country. It is time we face these challenges. And a strong hand is needed to do it. Today, the National Assembly voted to extend my term as executive of this nation. It is not a task I take lightly. I will begin by declaring job assurances for all Morovan citizens. I will use the military to ensure stability in the nation. We will overcome this. All is permitted, Morova. We will take what we are allowed and we will cherish it.”

Steps to Parliament, Quebecshire City

Cesout Bonhom takes the podium in front of several reporters, having just been briefed on the Morovan response. He rests both his hands on the sides of the podium and begins...

    "Clearly Karamazov believes if he's committed enough, he can make any story work. Look, let's start with some tough love, alright? Here it goes: He sucks at peddling nonsense. Period. What happened is unfortunate and we wish it hadn't. But let's remember why these people were even on that boat - they were fleeing Karamazov and his regime. To give Morova's government five-hundred million credits would not only be selling out the interests of the Quebecshirite people, but it would be a disgusting betrayal of the people who no longer walk this earth.

    Trying times these are. Mister LaRochelle has been mildly stressed in regard to this matter, but following a meeting with the Grandmaster, he has made a confident decision for the time being. As of tomorrow, all Quebecshirite diplomats in Morova will withdraw from the embassy indefinitely. We hope to return one day, but this is what must be done for now. Karamazov would not be able to hold the Council of Nations to straight faces if he, holding his gun from a vessel of war, once again threatens diplomatic action, and to use the façade of a man of peace.

    The Speaker, the Parliament, and the people of Quebecshire have spoken. No "reparations" and no prosecution of our servicemen. Period."

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