by Max Barry

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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

3/27/2020 7:37pm SFT
Capitol Park, Sacramento

The Chancellor of Greater Sacramento made a statement today regarding the incident in Quebecshire:

"I am sadden by the loss of death of what was most likely innocent people but I do wish to place stress that this situation is unclear and we must discover what actually happened. I do however think that giving "reparations" to Morova, at least now, is not a good idea. Would you give money to the kidnapper of the child that was killed while running away from them? While this could be a fault of any nation this does not mean we give money to the kidnapper, is it? To the people of Morova we welcome you with open arms and if you choose to leave for a better life of peace then you may come here Inshallah. Allah Akbar!"