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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

Malgax wrote:A very Malgan response
Quebecshire should be ashamed of themselves for allowing their ship to take such a horrendous action. The Government of Malgax condemns the actions of the ship and itís commanding officer, and believes that he, along with any other crew members who participated in should be arrested and tried for their actions. Malgax also expresses sympathy for both the Morovan government and the families of the refugees for the deaths caused by the sinking of the Lady Kieva.
The Constitutional Republic of Zion

Cesout Bonhom has responded reiterating the point that does not intend to prosecute anyone involved and that Quebecshire is the only entity with binding authority over actions taken on Quebecshirite soil or in Quebecshirite waters.

Creeperopolis, Caezar, and Third dynasty of ur