by Max Barry

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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

Chicajun Naval Construction Yards: Dedication Ceremony for the battleship FPS Leviathan; 1430 local time

President Clark stepped up onto the podium. He picked up a three page handwritten speech he had prepared and ripped it up before the cameras. "Ladies and gentlemen of the media, foreign dignitaries, and representatives of our own nation's dignified military," he began slowly, "I was going to give on this occasion a short but sweet speech about the Paleocacherian Navy. But that is far from the most important thing on my mind right now. Paleocacher is a nation of the sea. We have only one neighbor to the south that directly borders our lands. Most of our commerce as well as much of our livelihoods come from the sea. The sea is a harsh unforgiving place. It grants us bountiful resources and opportunities for business and recreation. And yet it takes away. Great storms lash our coasts, icebergs and rogue waves sink ships. The sea binds our world together, it is something all nations share. Yet today a terrible tragedy has occurred. Details are sketchy, all we know is that 2,300 people are dead. For the majority their only crime was to seek a new life someplace better. It is too early and details too few to assign blame. We cannot blame the captain for his apparent failure to make radio contact, nor can we blame the Quebecshirite Navy for defending their nation's territorial integrity. The Paleocacherian government will do its best to assist the TCN and the governments of both countries come to an understanding and sort out what happened. To that end we will be receiving copies of anomalous radio transmissions monitored by Paleocacherian vessels off of Bostonia and they will be analyzed. It is my hope that the peace can be kept and the sea remain a place for all the nations of the world to use. To that end, I present to you Paleocacher's newest naval vessel the battleship FPS Leviathan. This ship which is being launched today will be fitted out for eventual deployment to the Western Fleet where it will become the new flagship. And now I ask that you join me in a minute of silence for those who perished today and for all the sailors and refugees who place their lives in the mercy of the sea. You may pray if you wish.

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