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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

The Constitutional Republic of Zion wrote:Morovan People’s Assembly
The usually chaotic assembly is now silenced, with the Republicans and the Socialists unsure of what action to take. A screen at the front of the chamber unrolls, and Grand Admiral Alexei Karamazov’s picture is broadcasted onto it.
“Gentlemen. Our nation has been subject to a vicious attack. As of this moment, I am asking the assembly to vote to extend my term as emergency executive for two months as we navigate this crisis. I am also asking for an increase in military budget. I will dispatch a diplomatic request to Quebecshire.”
The MSS Nautilus
The Morovan government sends an email to the Quebecshire state department. It demands that reparations of 500 million dollars be paid to the Morovan government to be distributed to the families of those killed.

The diplomatic request has arrived in Quebecshire City. The Parliament has convened in an emergency session to vote on the reparations request by the Morovan government.

Parliament, Quebecshire City, Quebecshire

The Parliament has been called to order. The Speaker of the Parliament, Lucien LaRochelle, has managed to quell the discussion and call the meeting to order on the subject of ₡500,000,000 credits requested from the government of Morova. After a short time, the length debate is set to begin.

Debate Session

    Thomas Cerf (Communist Party): Regardless of the ship's unlawful placement, this was a gross overreaction by our naval forces. It is tantamount to a crime against humanity and civilians and the government must accept responsibility. In addition to paying these reparations, I believe it would be wise to hold oversight hearings in regard to what occurred. We must make this right and get to the bottom of the incident.

    Fernand Maurice (The League): We owe nothing, and we cannot trust that the money will actually go to families. Oversight hearings are one thing, but Morova should not get a fraction of a credit.

    Cécile Mace (Liberal-Democrats): Oversight hearings are something we should consider, and I submit a secondary motion to this session for us to prepare those. On the current matter though, we should pay these reparations.

    Cesout Bonhom (ADCI/Independent): What we should be doing is having our guys' backs out there. Morova is a rouge state and we should not pay the credits, but we should prepare oversight and accountability measures to better approach these issues in the future.

    Pascal Vidal (Onward Quebecshire): Why the hell are we even debating this? Karamazov and his bastards in Kieva send a ship to OUR waters and then have the audacity to blame Quebecshire for the attack and claim the victimhood? No! Every credit we send in their direction is a credit wasted. They're lucky we waited for the ship to be in our waters, and if Karamazov instigates a fight, we should blow his palace back to the dark ages!

    Rémy Abbadie (Greens): There is clearly a high level of passion for this subject. We should move towards voting as quickly as we can. Our priorities should be the investigation, oversight, and ensuring environmental damage to the Portsmouth area is kept to a minimum.

    Lucien LaRochelle (Speaker, National Union): The time for debate has expired. Regardless of the outcome of the vote, my Administration will stand by the decision of this Parliament, and it is best for the nation that we move forward unified in our decision.

Voting Results

Motion to provide reparations to Morova in the amount of ₡500,000,000: 80 AYES and 388 NAYS

National Union: 8 ayes 119 nays
Labour Party: 11 ayes 53 nays
Liberal-Democrats: 22 ayes 24 nays
Conservatives: 4 ayes 39 nays
Greens: 9 ayes 17 nays
The League: 3 ayes 84 nays
Onward Quebecshire: 0 ayes 43 nays
Communist Party: 20 ayes 4 nays
Independents: 3 ayes 5 nays

Motion to establish oversight hearings in regard to the sinking of the Lady Kieva: 296 AYES 172 NAYS

National Union: 97 ayes 30 nays
Labour Party: 57 ayes 7 nays
Liberal-Democrats: 43 ayes 7 nays
Conservatives: 22 ayes 21 nays
Greens: 24 ayes 2 nays
The League: 20 ayes 67 nays
Onward Quebecshire: 3 ayes 40 nays
Communist Party: 23 ayes 1 nay
Independents: 7 ayes 1 nay

LaRochelle's Response

Following the convening of the session, LaRochelle holds a brief press briefing to the public on the steps of Parliament...

    Lucien LaRochelle: The Parliament, with the mandate of the people of Quebecshire, has spoken. Quebecshire will decline Morova's demand for five-hundred million credits as reparation for The Lady Kieva Incident. Several grievances were brought forth and we decided by a sizeable margin that we will not make such a payment. While I abstained from the debate itself, I voted against the reparations and am glad to see the Parliament has found clarity on the matter.

    In addition to this, the Green Party of the Revanchist Coalition introduced a motion to establish oversight hearings in regard to the incident. Those efforts were approved with some controversy, and we will ensure these hearings are fair and just for all. Thank you all, have a wonderful evening.

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