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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

Half of Malgans Relocated
Over 200,000 Malgans living in Terranihil (about 50%) have been relocated to the reeducation facilities. This is a major success for the National Progressive Party. Terranihil will continue its campaign until all Malgans are relocated. The Director of Foreign Affairs referred to Malgans as "Malgers" in a recent news appearance.

Malgax (spinning rainbow cockroach)

Sinking of Morovan Ship
Terranilian news reports the incident in Morovan waters. The government stated that it was "an unfortunate affair." Terranihil wishes for peace between its two allies. The Minister of Foreign Affairs urged Morova two not escalate the conflict.

The Constitutional Republic of Zion Quebecshire

Response to Lyoa
Terranihil responds to the Lyoan government's accusations, stating Patrice Yakurusha is not in Terranihil. The Terranilian government once again requests the extradition of Mikel Therúnk.

Terranihil also commends the successes of the Rally for Lyoan Democracy.

Third dynasty of ur

Creeperopolis, Caezar, and Third dynasty of ur