by Max Barry

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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

Quebecshire wrote:Émeric Boudreaux has returned to Parliament and informed Lucien LaRochelle and André Bellerose of the incident. LaRochelle and Bellerose find themselves in agreement that Quebecshire will make no further public comments except those pertaining to the investigation until Morova provides any further comment or request.

Morovan People’s Assembly
The usually chaotic assembly is now silenced, with the Republicans and the Socialists unsure of what action to take. A screen at the front of the chamber unrolls, and Grand Admiral Alexei Karamazov’s picture is broadcasted onto it.
“Gentlemen. Our nation has been subject to a vicious attack. As of this moment, I am asking the assembly to vote to extend my term as emergency executive for two months as we navigate this crisis. I am also asking for an increase in military budget. I will dispatch a diplomatic request to Quebecshire.”
The MSS Nautilus
The Morovan government sends an email to the Quebecshire state department. It demands that reparations of 500 million dollars be paid to the Morovan government to be distributed to the families of those killed.