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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

The Constitutional Republic of Zion wrote:KPN
Kievan Public News opened the days mid-day news report discussing the Morovan casinos hiring private security. It ended with the news anchor barely holding his composure as tears streamed down his face. Morovan news has played the last statement by the captain of the ship. KPN reports that The Lady Kieva was a cargo ship carrying Morovan asylum seekers headed towards Quebecshire. It also reports that there were no survivors. Morova is shocked, and the National Assembly has met in an emergency session to determine their response.
The MSS Nautilus
The Morovan lead submarine, headquarters of Grand Admiral Alexei Karamazov, sends orders to the 6 typhoon class submarines in Morovan waters to be ready as the Grand Admiral prepares a proportional response.

Émeric Boudreaux has returned to Parliament and informed Lucien LaRochelle and André Bellerose of the incident. LaRochelle and Bellerose find themselves in agreement that Quebecshire will make no further public comments except those pertaining to the investigation until Morova provides any further comment or request.

Creeperopolis, Xusma, Caezar, and Third dynasty of ur