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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

Quebecshire wrote:The fleet stands down as the ship sinks. An investigative team is brought out to investigate the wreckage. Several witnesses saw the altercation occur in the distance and the press has begun researching what occurred and seeking to report on it internationally. The investigative team confirms the lack of survivors and identifies the ship. The Grand Navy collects any important debris and evidence of the incident and attempts to clean the area to prevent environmental damages.

Captain Massé and the investigative team brief the Administrator for National Defence who prepares to report to the press on the incident.

Quebecshire City, Parliament

    ADN Émeric Boudreaux: As many have noticed, there was a brief naval altercation eleven nautical miles northwest of Portsmouth this afternoon. A previously unidentified ship now confirmed to have been of Morovan origin travelled in international waters for some time, aware of the presence of the Portsmouth detachment. It is possible that they attempted to communicate with our fleet, but were unable to do so because of the closed communications line.

    After several minutes of the ships moving along the international boundary, they moved inwards, one mile into Quebecshirite territorial waters. At this point, the Portsmouth detachment's commanding officer made the decision to take action against the ship, as it was encroaching on Quebecshirite territory and mutual communication had not been made.

    We are currently unsure of the ship's purpose. We are investigating if the Morovan government had any involvement, as it is unlikely a ship carrying that many people was fueled and staffed to make it this far if it was not sponsored by a government or corporation. Currently, the death toll stands at 2,300. We have no intention to indict nor court-martial any members of the Grand Navy. Thank you for your time.

Kievan Public News opened the days mid-day news report discussing the Morovan casinos hiring private security. It ended with the news anchor barely holding his composure as tears streamed down his face. Morovan news has played the last statement by the captain of the ship. KPN reports that The Lady Kieva was a cargo ship carrying Morovan asylum seekers headed towards Quebecshire. It also reports that there were no survivors. Morova is shocked, and the National Assembly has met in an emergency session to determine their response.
The MSS Nautilus
The Morovan lead submarine, headquarters of Grand Admiral Alexei Karamazov, sends orders to the 6 typhoon class submarines in Morovan waters to be ready as the Grand Admiral prepares a proportional response.