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Region: Greater Middle East

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COFCO Food Processing Group

COFCO Food Processing Group has announced it will be marketing a new brand of soft drink: "ZhenCo".

"ZhenCo" will be the Zhen's premier Cola-based soft drink, created from citrus oils, cinnamon, vanilla, syrups, and acidic flavours.

The new brand will be marketed in the Zhen, although exports may be achieved once details regarding mass production are finalized. Eight bottling plants will be constructed in Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, and Ningxia, each with production lines of 700,000 drinks per day (total production of 5,600,000 drinks per day). The bottles will reportedly be made from glass, and shaped akin to a retro-styled rectangular container.

COFCO will produce drinks in 3 distinct flavours: Lemon, Tea, Cherry, and 'Standard' (flavoured with vanilla, cinnamon, and citrus oils). Marketed as "北方可樂" in the Zhen, it will be officially made ready for public consumption in 4 months.

During this time, all of the bottling, marketing, distribution, and other operations by the Northern Cola Company are estimated to employ at least 48,000 in the Zhen, and possibly more if popularity spikes.

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