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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

The Constitutional Republic of Zion wrote:MPR REPORTS - BREAKING NEWS
Morovan Public Radio plays a recording from the Grand Admiral.
“Comrades. We face tyranny from around the world today. I am here to announce that Premier Myshkin was killed by Joshua Graham’s tribals. I too want to get revenge. I too want to end these religious terrorists. However, we face a more pressing evil. It is my belief that the Government of Creeperopolis is supporting Graham’s terrorism. They have announced that they will exterminate those who they consider “evil.” This is why our nation must be prepared to defend ourselves from the Creeperian onslaught. For this reason, I am assuming control of the Morovan government for the time being. It is imperative that a strong hand take hold of this nation in a time of crisis. The People’s Assembly has approved this action. As soon as the People’s Assembly determines that the crisis has been averted, I will step down. Until then, I will be constantly preparing for war. I am calling on as many able bodied men as possible to sign up for the Morovan Armed Forces. As of today, I will allow all Morovan veterans of at least 8 years to apply for a position in the Morovan Ranger Corps. It is time to prepare. I’m declaring a state of emergency in our nation. It is time to defend our liberty from foreign dangers. It is time to end the dangers to our country. It is time for every person in the world to be free enough to pursue whatever ideology they desire. I will achieve this goals or die trying. Thank you.”

The Health Wazir of Greater Sacramento made this statement to Morova:

"Salam Alykum, Though in Political Terms the nation of Creeperopolis is questionable at some points we applaude their efforts to weaken Creeperian Malaria and are in disgust on why the Morovan Government would respond in such a way, though it is the unstable socialist "utopia" of Morova and building railways there is a big achievement. In that though I have announced plans to begin eradicating these insects as environmentalists from Department of Environment have concluded in a study that the chemical we will be using will not affect heavily though we will dilute it so if problems do come it can be manageable. Inshallah these creatures will be gone soon. Allah Akbar."

- Ahmed Nusaison,
Wazir for the National Health Department

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