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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

The Constitutional Republic of Zion wrote:MPR REPORTS - BREAKING NEWS
Morovan Public Radio plays a recording from the Grand Admiral.
“Comrades. We face tyranny from around the world today. I am here to announce that Premier Myshkin was killed by Joshua Graham’s tribals. I too want to get revenge. I too want to end these religious terrorists. However, we face a more pressing evil. It is my belief that the Government of Creeperopolis is supporting Graham’s terrorism. They have announced that they will exterminate those who they consider “evil.” This is why our nation must be prepared to defend ourselves from the Creeperian onslaught. For this reason, I am assuming control of the Morovan government for the time being. It is imperative that a strong hand take hold of this nation in a time of crisis. The People’s Assembly has approved this action. As soon as the People’s Assembly determines that the crisis has been averted, I will step down. Until then, I will be constantly preparing for war. I am calling on as many able bodied men as possible to sign up for the Morovan Armed Forces. As of today, I will allow all Morovan veterans of at least 8 years to apply for a position in the Morovan Ranger Corps. It is time to prepare. I’m declaring a state of emergency in our nation. It is time to defend our liberty from foreign dangers. It is time to end the dangers to our country. It is time for every person in the world to be free enough to pursue whatever ideology they desire. I will achieve this goals or die trying. Thank you.”

The Creeperian government would like to ask the Grand Admiral how mosquitos are a group of people, in reference to him saying "[The Creeperian government has] announced that [it] will exterminate those who they consider "evil.'" Are you referring to the Senvarians, the Senvekians, the Castillianans, the Atlántidans, the Salvadorans, the Deltinians, the Creeperans? Are human beings on par with mosquitos? From what we know, Ethyl butylacetylaminopropionate is not lethal to humans. Did you even finish reading the statement published by the DINA on the topic of La'Solución Final, the eradication and extermination of evil from the Fatherland, the pests known as mosquitos? The Creeperian government demands that the Grand Admiral immediately issues an apology and resigns for accusing the Creeperian government of committing genocide. The Creeperian government also recommends that the Grand Admiral completes reading all documents before commenting.

The Creeperian Armed Forces also respond by asking "How exactly will Morova defend itself from a nation infinitely more powerful than it? What does the nation have to gain from mobilizing from a nonexistent threat in the first place? The Creeperian government is not supporting Joshua Graham. Do you want us to? Do you want us to annex Morova?"

OOC: we arent helping him anyway we just sent him those messages (ooc knowlegde) to make him shut up

OOC Edit: lol i worded the thing so that it would sound like im killing deltinians then id say mosquito at the end and i was hoping someone would read it all and claim in commiting genocide against people and u fell for it lol get pranked kid