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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

February 20, 2020

Santa Ana

The ten leaders of the Creeperian Council for Order and Stability, Francisco Bajamande Rodríguez, Felix Semprún Saelices, José Koné Ochelo, Sebastián Carvallo González, Elías Carballal Aguayo, Gustavo Duarte Carpio, Máximo París Alcocer, Salvador Velázquez Barrueco, Raúl Lorenzana Méndez, and Álvaro Bienvenida Cambeiro, broadcasted a message across Creeperopolis. They declared that the name of the CCOE was officially changed to the Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Antideltiniano – Guerra de Eliminación (Anti-Deltinian Armed Forces of Liberation - War of Elimination), abbreviated as FALANGE. The force will continue its crusade to cleanse Creeperopolis of the Deltinian threat.

San Salvador

The Creeperian government claims that it will completely destroy the self-proclaimed government-in-exile in Lyoa.

San Miguel

The usual atheist executions occur.

Third dynasty of ur - san salvador santa ana san miguel
The Constitutional Republic of Zion Terranihil - san miguel

Caezar, Jarenova, Terranihil, and Third dynasty of ur