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Region: Grace of Gaia

Moon Frost wrote:Oh really?

Yep.... I was sad to see Auraxia beat me to it. :(
But on the other hand, great minds think alike.

Question of the Day: You have a chance to win a million dollars, but it requires living off the land for a year, with no outside help. You are given somewhat of a choice on which place you do this, however. You can do it in arctic tundra, or an arid desert - but may not leave the area you pick for any reason, or you forfeit the prize. Would you do it, and if so, which would you choose?

.....Nah. I like living more than I like the sound of a million dollars. As much as I love the cold, too cold is a thing, especially in that scenario, with nothing to make life more comfortable. I wouldn't last long. (Certainly longer than in a desert, though).