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D V wrote:Most the time, yeah, it is perfectly fine for one word. But it will still occasionally be wrong, which can be enough to shoot some holes in having faith in it.
Granted, someone could alter Wiktionary and have it be wrong too, so neither are foolproof. But at least there I could see the edit history if I really wanted, though, which is a bit of a redeeming quality in regards to faith there.

But, all credibility issues and such aside for both of them,
Wiktionary has additional info on words which is nice, which in my book gives it a one up on GT no matter how accurate it becomes. =P

Here are steps that might edit it.
1. Make a paragraph with Grammarly.
2. Put it into either Google Translate or Wiktionary.
3. Pick a language for translation.
4. Use Grammarly again for grammar.
5. Don't change the words.
6. You have fixed the grammar. The words still might be wrong.