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Election 2020: Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls 18.9%, Kuriko 18.7%, McMasterdonia 9.1%, Caelapes 8.1%, Jocospor 6.2%, The Bigtopia 5.7%, Valentine Z 4.5%, The Salaxalans 2.5%, Giovanniland 2.2%, Auralia 2.0%, Dekks 1.7%


Region: The Black Fleet

Rm caio duilio wrote:sad to see you work with socialist regions

Fossils and Friends is a non political raider region as it has been explained; but let me quote The Shadow for you:

"We are Raiders, pure and simple! We will Raid all regions, no matter their political ideologies, with impunity. We support Raiders from all ideologies as long as they park those ideologies outside the Raided region before and during a Raid and any Alliance organ. We will not tolerate those who violate this sacred Ethos among us."

By Order: ~Shadow~
Alliance Director

Any raider is welcome to fight with them; and I am pleased as President of Imperial Earth to associate with such caliber of fighters. Politics stops at the door, and if small minds are unable to comprehend such things that is not my fault or problem. I will also reiterate what is posted on The Black Fleet WFE:

Everyone of character and merit worthy of fighting with us will be given an opportunity to JOIN US, as we sail against opposition forces, or declare their region Neutral (by using the Neutral Tag). There is no middle ground or sanctuary from this day hence; regardless of political affiliation.

President Donovan Emyrs