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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

February 13, 2020
San Salvador

The Ministry of Defense released a statement:

The date of the executions was moved from Friday February 14, 2020, up to today, Thursday February 13, 2020. The executions shall take place immediately.

A total 7,109 prisoners from the putsch attempted earlier this week were dragged from their cells. As mandated, low ranking soldiers and officers were executed by a firing squad. The executions are expected to be complete by 6:30pm SST Meanwhile, all high ranking soldiers and officers were hanged. The executions are expected to be completed by 9:00pm SST. Field Marshal Joaquín Barrueco Dengra was treated as if he were an atheist in San Miguel. He was crucified in front of the San Salvador Imperial Palace and burned alive. The public execution was witnessed by a crowd of an estimated 3,500,000.

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