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Region: The Western Isles

Ketzly wrote:Hey guys,
I just joined The Western Isles. My nation's name is The Free Land of Ketzly. I found this region while I was exploring the Anarchist and Isolationist tags on the region page. Some hobbies I, the player, have include playing Dungeons and Dragons, so I have some experience roleplaying. The ideal country I am trying to create is one with almost no laws, but also one that supports equal opportunity.
In John Milton's "Paradise Lost" he depicts God's creation of evil so He could give a definition of good. Now, if there is no definition of evil, there can be no definition good, creating a perfectly balanced society. So if there are no laws, there is nothing defining evil, therefore leading to no influence to do evil. John Locke believed that people were born inherently good, if this is true, then without a definition and influence of evil such as laws, people can do only good, and without a definition of good as well, the actions they take are normal.
To truly create equal opportunity, the government supports social welfare programs, and high taxes to fund those programs. These programs include, free education and college, free healthcare, and, excuse me for stealing Andrew Yang's proposal, a universal basic income of 1,000 tokens a month as a base. Citizens can build more income on top of this, as the government supports privately owned businesses, but enforces strict regulations for large corporations because they can damage small businesses. Strict environmental regulations are also enforced to protect the nation from the effects of climate change.
Sorry if this was a little long, I am just a new player so if I should post the description in a different location, please point me in the direction to said place.

Welcome! Props for bringing in the philosophy. However if I can respectfully point this out...I think the Bernie-Yang style anti-corporate big government welfare state contradicts your initial goal of a nation with almost no laws; what seemed like it would be a minarchist state. In a way, trying to combine collectivistic and statist ideals with individualistic libertarianism. Or perhaps trying to combine Locke and Hobbes, if I remember Hobbes correctly?