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Election 2020: Kuriko 26.5%, Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls 17.0%, McMasterdonia 9.5%, Caelapes 8.8%, Jocospor 6.4%, The Bigtopia 6.1%, Valentine Z 5.6%, Auralia 4.5%, Giovanniland 2.1%, Pencil Sharpeners 2 1.7%, Dekks 1.6%


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Shidei wrote:Easy Green. Yes I'm still an Aquarium Co-op shill

20% water change every 2-3 weeks, more if I've lost too much to evaporation. Could I do it more frequently? Probably. But the ecosystem is doing well right now and it's not necessary.

Liquid fert weekly, root tabs every 4 months

I've been thinking of snagging it, I generally trust aquarium co-op. I have their sponge filters even. The fert I use doesn't do anything that I can notice, but honestly I might just not notice. I also really like the idea of it being pumped out tbh. Less messy