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Region: The North Pacific

Yohannes wrote:Embassy—Bala Mantre and Yohannes

Yohannes wrote 💬:

    Speaker Parliament House

    “To the Members and Elected Collegians of the Realm in this present Parliament assembled, I am pleased to welcome the new ambassador of Bala Mantre His Excellency Mr Saasd Asad. I have received the letter of credence appointing His Excellency as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of The Roman Islamic Sultannete of Bala Mantre to the Realm of Yohannes.”

    “We are proud to table the Amity and Friendship Between Bala Mantre and Yohannes Bill this morning. I support the bill because it will provide us with an important legislative framework for future reduction in tariffs with Bala Mantre. The bill will also rationalise our current approach to trade in industrial raw materials with Bala Mantre and its major trade partners in the North Pacific.”

    “The Amity and Friendship Between Bala Mantre and Yohannes Bill will reduce existing barriers and limitations on trade and capital for hard-working ‘mum and dad’ business owners from Yohannes and those influential Mantrean commodity exporters already based in Yohannes—that is, this bill is only the beginning of something much bigger for our two-way trade with Bala Mantre.”

    —@SpeakerRyan to the Realm Parliament.

    #MantreaYohannes #NationStates2020

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Dakota Territories wrote:The french took over

Want me to drive them out? I can trade with you if you agree.