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Nhoor wrote:Last weekend's Irish elections seem to have caused a stalemate with Sinn Fein so far ending up with 37/160 seats, Fianna Fail with 36, Fine Gael with 35, independents 21, Greens 12, Labour 6, Socialdemocrats 6, mixed centre-leftist party combination 5. FF and FG are rightist; SF, Green, Labour, SocDems, mixed centre-leftist stuff are leftist; the independents are the Gods know what.

SF, FF, and the Greens all have green as their party colours and I predict that those three will make the least unstable coalition, but I fear that it won't be easy to be green (to quote Kermit the Frog). If Mary-Lou McDonald (SF) plays it smoothly, she may end up being the first woman Taoiseach (pronounce e.g. TEA-shukh, /ˈt̪ˠiːʃəx/; Prime Minister) of Ireland.

Little bit concerned that SF being the governing party could lead to rising sectarian tensions, especially in the North. But they're the biggest party in the Dail, so there isn't really a way to make a government without them.

Plus, I seem to remember FF ruled out negotiations with SF.