by Max Barry

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Region: The Western Isles

Last weekend's Irish elections seem to have caused a stalemate with Sinn Fein so far ending up with 37/160 seats, Fianna Fail with 36, Fine Gael with 35, independents 21, Greens 12, Labour 6, Socialdemocrats 6, mixed centre-leftist party combination 5. FF and FG are rightist; SF, Green, Labour, SocDems, mixed centre-leftist stuff are leftist; the independents are the Gods know what.

SF, FF, and the Greens all have green as their party colours and I predict that those three will make the least unstable coalition, but I fear that it won't be easy to be green (to quote Kermit the Frog). If Mary-Lou McDonald (SF) plays it smoothly, she may end up being the first woman Taoiseach (pronounce e.g. TEA-shukh, /ˈt̪ˠiːʃəx/; Prime Minister) of Ireland.