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Region: The Western Isles

Shidei wrote:When do we carve out Mississippi and float it off into the Gulf as an independent country?

It's, by many different measures, the worst state in the union, so I think in the interest of the other 49 we should take this opportunity to bolster our averages

Corindia wrote:someone should check in on the Mississippi River Delta and make sure this hasn't happened already

Shidei wrote:Nah. Test it out on the hicks first. The "Influencers" wont provide any useful information on how to improve the technology because they'd have a mental breakdown the second they dropped internet connection or their Starbucks fell into the Pacific

Redneck Ingenuity will help with the QA

We tried that 150 years ago and you wouldn’t let us, see even today people all over think the South should have seceded.