by Max Barry

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Region: Selene

Xemptoworth: Good morning, Parliament, House of Representatives, and citizens. Welcome to the State of the Nation report. At the moment the economy is booming and over 3 billion jobs have been added as of January. After the proposition passed about fixing infrastructure here in the FE, about 4.82 billion lives have changed as clean water is now pumping through various parts of the nation who didnít have clean water. Highways and bridges are still being fixed at the moment. The entire nationís roads and electrical lines should be finished by the middle of 2428.

On to the emissions report. Gas consumption continues to stay at 12% of the nation using gasoline powered vehicles. During the second half of the year, all vehicles will be converted to electric and you will be able to trade your gasoline vehicle for 100% of its current value. Expect the switch to happen on July 15, 2420.

Finally, tensions with our nearby neighbors have been decreased as diplomatic relationships have been formed. Tariffs have decreased on silk from New France, Western Isles of Hawaii has agreed to sell bananas, pineapples, and coconuts, and Georgian Germany has agreed to let Franconian people to visit again.

All in all, the nation is doing amazingly. Campaigns continue to run, and I wish good luck to the candidates. God bless.