by Max Barry

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Region: Commonwealth of Liberty

| 2009 AD | FEBRUARY 4TH | 48 Hours No More. | AITO | RABAT |
| Referencing |

    | The Mansa was scheduled to address the people of the nation from the balcony of the Zana Palace. He would walk towards the microphone and bullet proof glass by the balcony, his hands behind his back, wearing his famous black, Afrofuturistic suit as the people below in the Zana Public Courtyard cheered for him and chanted his name. He would raise both his hands out towards the people and they would callout to him with great care and love. The Mansa was in a great position of power. One that he had never seen himself in before. His approval was exponentially high and the support for the Imperial Family had never been higher before. He cleared his throat before speaking into the microphone. |

      | AYUB, MANSA OF THE SONGHAI: | "Morocco... has... failed us. Every step of the way we offered them solutions to this great problem we found ourselves in. And now we have an answer to this Moroccan Question. And that answer, unfortunately, is that Morocco must suffer for its sins. While they did make the promise to pay the African Union, they did it in such a snide way, it was disrespectful. And while they stated they would continue their membership in the African Union... this is not good enough. Morocco is officially declared, by me, a failed state. And therefore, must be deterred. The people of Morocco, deserve better than this. The African Union deserves better than Morocco. And I have officially had enough of the sassy Moroccan leadership and their rude remarks. The Moroccans failed to televise an apology, they stated they have no links to the Songhai Empire, which is a blatant lie. The Moroccans failed to take back prior statements about Africa's oppression of Muslims and instead furthered the same false claim. They failed to provide the Songhai Empire and OsivoII with additional funding for personally handling the Moroccan Exit, and the Moroccans did not ever provide proper explanation as to why they left. They violated over 90% of the demands we made of them and therefor have forced my hand. Swift action will be done. The Moroccan threat will be dealt with and the people of Morocco will be saved from their failure of a government entity."


      | AYUB, MANSA OF THE SONGHAI: | "Fear the river!"



            | Ground Forces/Naval Forces |

              x8000 amphibious soldiers move by boat FROM BELTON towards DAKHLA, MOROCCO
              x0004 Kotor-class frigates ESCORT the AMPHIBIOUS SOLDIERS
              x0010 Kralj-class missile carriers ESCORT the AMPHIBIOUS SOLDIERS
              x0020 An-12s transport 1250 AMPHIBIOUS SOLDIERS for INITIAL ASSAULT ON DAKHLA
              x0021 An-12s transport another 1250 AMPHIBIOUS SOLDIERS for SECOND ASSAULT ON DAKHLA

            | Aerial Forces |

              x8 Su-24s move towards DAKHLA to ELIMINATE MOROCCAN DEFENSES

| The Songhai Empire has officially declared war on the Moroccan Kingdom. |