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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

Creeperopolis wrote:February 4, 2020
Santa Ana

Francisco Bajamande Rodríguez (MIRAC), Gustavo Duarte Carpio (FRENAMI), and José Koné Ochelo (ECCP) release a statement offering Creeperian Coalition for Order and Stability (CCOE) support and aid to the Free Christian Army (FCA). The CCOE offers aid to the fellow followers of Christ (the FCA) in their struggle and crusade against Atheists, Muslims, and the government of Terranihil.

General Josef Ichigožt of the Free Christian Army stated that the FCA gladly accepts the offers from the fellow Christians in Creeperopolis. They will use the aid to bring down the Terranilian government and kill as many athesits as possible.

The Terranilian government once again reiterates that it will block all aid sent to the FCA. MIRAC, FRENAMI, ECCP and CCOE have been categorized as terrorist organizations. The Department of Internal Security has approved of the increased weaponization of the police to fight against the terrorists.

Avergís Put Under Martial Law

Protests in Avergís by Muslims have been raging for the past few days. Police have arrested hundreds and killed nine protestors. Three police officers were killed by protestors, prompting the government to bring in the Armed Forces to end the violence. All protests, violent or peaceful, will be put down.

The Department of Foreign Affairs asks its allies Willdavie and The Constitutional Republic of Zion to increase shipping of firearms and vehicles in order to combat the terrorists and maintain the military.

Creeperopolis, Caezar, and Jarenova