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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

February 4, 2020
Santa Ana

Francisco Bajamande Rodríguez (MIRAC), Gustavo Duarte Carpio (FRENAMI), and José Koné Ochelo (ECCP) release a statement offering Creeperian Coalition for Order and Stability (CCOE) support and aid to the Free Christian Army (FCA). The CCOE offers aid to the fellow followers of Christ (the FCA) in their struggle and crusade against Atheists, Muslims, and the government of Terranihil.


The Militarist Revolutionary Front burned down 2 Deltinian villages. Casualties are unknown.

The Deltinian Liberation Army claims responsibility for three car bombings in Ciudad Rey Alfonso I which occurred today.

San Miguel

Graffiti is sprayed outside of where the Morovan reporters are being housed which reads "¡Morovanos Salen!"

El Salvador

Protests continue to die down in numbers.

San Pedro

A truck was pulled over by the Creeperian National Police near the outskirts of Ciudad San Pedro. The truck was discovered to be hauling $10,000,000 colóns worth of cocaine. The driver was identified as a member of Mara Salvatrucha as was subsequently executed on the spot.

San Salvador

Augusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez offers to send the Lyoa National Defense Force a volunteer force of 2,000 División Negra elite soldiers to fight in combat in Nyabari.

San Romero

Senator Sebastián Fernán Cicerón passes legislation which gives his company, the National Coffee and Sugar Corporation, a complete break from paying senate district taxes to the 4th Senate District.

Third dynasty of ur - all, mostly San Salvador
The Constitutional Republic of Zion - San Miguel
Terranihil - Santa Ana
Greater Sacramento - El Salvador
Willdavie - San Romero

Caezar, Jarenova, Terranihil, Third dynasty of ur, and 1 otherWilldavie