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Calicambria wrote:United States of Calicambria
President Elise Lambert | Alexandria

The Secretary of State wishes to enter into dialogue to resettle refugees and asylum seekers from the Republic Of Srpska And Herzeg-Bosnia in Medoynia.

The Secretary of State notes Calicambria’s high standard of living and wealth of resources available to immigrants and refugees alike.

Currently the states that accept refugees for resettlement from the federal refugee resettlement program include California (capital: Fremont), Columbia (capital: Seattle), New England (capital: Vancouver), Oregon (capital: Eugene), and Ponoma (capital: Los Angeles).

Republic of Medoynia Communiqué
Prime Minister Joseph Caruana | February 3, 2020

Following the conclusion negotiations between the two parties in the Republic Of Srpska And Herzeg-Bosnia, Medoynia expects to see a sharp decline to the number of refugees and asylum seekers at the border. In any case, Prime Minister Joseph Caruana wishes to work with the United States to resettle approximately 350 refugees and asylees.