by Max Barry

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Peace Negotiations, Sutorina, Republic Of Srpska And Herzeg-Bosnia

Day Eight:

The worst issue during the negotiations was defining the status of the Socialist Republic of Romanija. President Borisav Jovic and his delegation advocated that the Socialist Republic of Romanija be a state entity within the Republic Of Srpska And Herzeg-Bosnia. He also demanded that Sokolac be divided by the ratio of 51% (Republic Of Srpska And Herzeg-Bosnia) and 49% (Socialist Republic of Romanija). This was unacceptable to President Djuro Pucar and his delegation. He wanted independence and the creation of special foreign affairs with Republic Of Srpska And Herzeg-Bosnia.

Taking the map of Sokolac streets, President Jovic, President Pucar, General Sljivancanin (Republic Of Srpska Army) and General Eric (Communist People's Army) went to a negotiations room. They began to study each and every line of the Sokolac.

President Jovic seemed lenient. President Pucar very secretly happily whispered to General Eric that he would surely get the entire Sokolac. Suddenly President Pucar was overwhelmed with a sense of hope. A minute later, President Jovic got up and came to the map.

He said: "I know, Djuro wants the whole Sokolac. All right, I give him the whole town, but in return I'm looking for something."
President Pucar stood up surprised. He asked: "Let me hear what you want."
He looked at him gloomily.

President Jovic said: "I want East Sarajevo to be divided. 51% belong to me and you get the rest."

President Pucar angrily hit the map and said: "It can't! You know East Sarajevo is the capital! I'm not crazy about giving more than half the city!"

He looked around. He sat down and calm down. President Jovic sat down next to him and said in a friendly tone: "Djuro, let's stay on the old plan. To me the whole Sokolac and to you the whole East Sarajevo."

One great goal of President Jovic was achieved. He got the whole Sokolac. After this, President Pucar also gave Rogatica.

After that it was a joint dinner of both presidents. The dinner lasted 7 hours. The conversation was friendly. After seven hours both presidents came out. They summoned General Sljivancanin and General Eric. They were asked to bring the map back. They went into the negotiations room and were drawing all over the map.

After drawing, President Jovic said: "Djuro and I have agreed. The Socialist Republic of Romanija will be a state entity in Republic Of Srpska And Herzeg-Bosnia. It will be called the Serbian Republic of Romanija. The capital is East Sarajevo. The size of the territory remains the same. Sokolac and Rogatica will not be in the Serbian Republic of Romanija This new state entity will have an assembly, government, police, president of the republic and the right to establish external relations with any state in the region, but in accordance with the constitution and laws of Republic Of Srpska And Herzeg-Bosnia.The Communist People's Army disbanded to prevent any further conflict."

President Pucar told President Jovic, without hesitation, that the citizens of East Sarajevo would consider him the most deserving of all that East Sarajevo remained entire.

After this sentence, the Presidents shook hands.mAn agreement was reached. It will be initialed tomorrow February 4th.