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Medoynia wrote:Republic of Medoynia Communiqué
Prime Minister Joseph Caruana | February 3, 2020

As Medoynia is handling a large number of migrants from the Republic Of Srpska And Herzeg-Bosnia at the Medoynian border with the international administrative area of Slovenia, the Caruana government wishes to enter into dialogue with Nanako Island and possibly other nations interested in resettling refugees.

Currently, Medoynia enforces a 50 person cap for entry under M-1 temporary refuge status but no quota on those who apply for asylum at the border.

Ministry of Home Affairs official Communiqué
Kikyo Fusa, State Minister for Home Affairs

I have the pleasure to announce my dear colleagues and counterparts of the Medoynian governement that all asylum seekers currently at the border (3) were allowed inside our nation's borders and are currently being officially processed to obtain complete refugee status under Nanakian Law. But the problem remains as about 14 other individuals have reached our Embassy in Banja Luka to seek a refugee visa and ask for asylum. The parliament will decide shortly on the course of action my administration shall follow, but for the moment, I can only say that the hereafter of these aylsum seekers is my primary concern.If Parliament grants refugee status, we will probably open refugee visas quotas and allow resettlement of refugees if any receiving nation is interested.

Currently we do not allow any entry under R-1 temporary refugee status, but we, under International Law, remain open to asylum seekers currently on our boundaries.

The 3 allowed refugees will be transferred to shelters in Hokosinawa State where they will enjoy everything necessary for their well-being. Henceforth, they are officially protected under Nanakian Law and shouldn't be worried by their homeland threats.

We will update you as soon as decisions are taken in Parliament.

Medoynia, Aressna, and Beyo