by Max Barry

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Region: United Forum of Nations

Nanako Island wrote:Nanakian official delegation to Calicambria
Alexandria International Airport | February 2, 2020

Leading out of the aircraft, State Minister for Foreign Affairs, going down the steps, looking around like a kid in a toy shop, and nearly misses a step.

Maxim Switek, State Minister for Foreign Affairs: What a spectacular reception. Maxim Switek, State Minister for Foreign Affairs; delighted.

United States of Calicambria
President Elise Lambert | Alexandria

The President shakes the hand of State Minister Switek. “Welcome to Calicambria. I do hope you had a pleasant flight on the way here.”

The President and other Calicambrian officials shake the hands of the rest of the Nanakian delegation before gesturing them to waiting limousines.

Once everyone boards, the limousines are escorted in a motorcade to 1 Chandler Lane (official presidential mansion), arriving around twenty minutes later.