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Today in the news, Situation in Republic Of Srpska And Herzeg-Bosnia, Serbs to be granted refugee status ? : lately, the Foreign Affairs ministry interested itself to current political instability in the Federal Republic Of Srpska And Herzeg-Bosnia because it had received a few dozens of asylum demands form Serbs fleeing current civil dispute. Many refugees pinpoint the uncertain future of their living and their family due to ongoing peace deals that could split the country in two separate nations. Many of these refugees fear the "communist menace". Not really to keen on the regime, many of them prefer to leave Srpska And Herzeg-Bosnia than living under a regime they deem illegitimate. On the other hand, some communist supporters have asked for asylum for more unknown reasons, but the government thinks they are trying to escape anti-partisans police raids. Both parties though are apprehending the outcome of the peace negotiations, what if something went wrong ? All of those questions return to Foreign Affairs ministry which will present tomorrow a report on the legality of giving refugee status to Serbs demanding asylum. Nanako being new to this particular crisis will need to deeply investigate the situation and study current happenings. The decision remains in the hands of the parliament.

Baptism by fire for Minister of Foreign Affairs Maxim Switek : State Minister and a few MP are currently on official visit to the United States of Calicambria to discuss potential agreements on a range of domains. It is the first time ever Maxim Switek is sent on official visit duty, representing all of Nanako abroad. The minister, known for his relative blundery, already made a fuss of himself on arrival at Alexandria International Airport. Social media all around Nanako made fun of his facial expression while leaving the aircraft, creating some "juicy memes", most of them featuring a caption accompanied with a somewhat silly music saying "WWWWWwwwhhHHHAaaaAAaaaaaa". An other one shows the moment when Switek nearly collapses to the ground by missing a step, and suggests the caption "Best Minister 2k20, 20% off this week-end". We should all please respect our minister, take in mind he just received a water cannon salute, that should be impressive !, says the author, laughing.