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Region: The Flying Spaghetti Monster Lands

Lampastan wrote:For violations of zoning regulations. Plus they've been cooking a lot of cabbage and the neighbors were complaining about the smell.

Good catch!
I checked out documentation, and I found this:

We love interacting with other nations and regions.

We will accept all embassy requests, except:
1. Regions actively involved in raiding now or in the past
2. Regions that promote or approve of raiding in their
- description
- pinned dispatches
- message board
3. Regions with one or more of the following tags:
- fascist
- raider
- invader
4. Regions that have embassies with one of the well regions known for raiding, including:
- The Black Hawks

Once embassy is approved, it can be revoked if
- it comes to our attention that the region meets one or more of the exclusion criteria above, or if
- one of the region's officers posts stuff on our message board that violates one of I'd Rather You Didn'ts.

If one of your members posts crap on our message board, we will let the officers know. If it doesn't stop, we will revoke the embassy.

Exceptions to rule #4 may be granted. The decision is based on the ineffable FSM's opinion, as revealed to rev. Pastalands.

List of current exceptions:
- The Bar on the corner of every region - the region has been touched by a noodly appendage, and the leadership is following the 8 I'd rather you didn'ts

Read factbook

The cabbage definitely violates one of the I'd Rather You Didn'ts

Pastalands and Lampastan