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Region: United Forum of Nations

Nanako Island wrote:Ministry of Foreign Affairs official Communiqué
Maxim Switek, State Minister for Foreign Affairs

State Minister Maxim Switek and MP Thomas Ikunagawa will arrive shortly abord an Bombardier Global 7500 aircraft with special military registration NS-0100, heading for Alexandria International Airport.

United States of Calicambria
President Elise Lambert | Alexandria

The plane, upon entering Calicambrian airspace through the state of New England, is escorted to land at Alexandria International Airport (ALX) by Calicambrian fighter jets.

Upon landing, the plane is saluted by the Metro Fire Department (MFD) with a water cannon salute enveloping the plane as it taxis to a pre-determined parking area.

Once the plane arrives, President Lambert and other Calicambrian officials wait to greet the Nanakian delegation.

Nanako Island and Beyo