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Republic Of Srpska And Herzeg-Bosnia wrote:Peace Negotiations, Sutorina, Republic Of Srpska And Herzeg-Bosnia

Day Seven:

The main problem yesterday was the map. Several very controversial points had to be resolved: East Sarajevo, East Gorazde, Sokolac and Rogatica.
As for East Sarajevo, it is interesting that, although part of the city is controlled by the Republic Of Srpska Army, President Jovic left the entire city to the Socialist Republic of Romanija. President Pucar used to say that the city of East Sarajevo cannot be divided and that it must be unique and open. In return for this act, President Jovic received East Ilidza and Pale.
East Gorazde was much harder to deal with than East Sarajevo. First, President Pucar did not give away the entire territory that belonged to East Gorazde. He was to split the city along the current line of military demarcation. President Jovic sought the entire territory, and in turn offered Jahorina.
There was a long discussion about the decision of East Gorazde. President Jovic had been arguing with President Pucar for hours. There are interesting stories, even anecdotes. Because of President Jovic's persistence, President Pucar asked him:

-Boro, why are you stuck so much for that East Gorazde, well, it's a small town with nothing.

-It has the oldest museum in Republic Of Srpska And Herzeg-Bosnia, Jovic replied.

-No more museum, because our soldiers demolished it, Pucar replied.

-It has the ground the museum was on. On that ground we will again erect a museum.

-Boro, I thought you were a rational man. I give you the whole territory of East Gorazde.

In the end, President Jovic ran for East Gorazde. The whole territory belonged to him. In turn, President Pucar pledged to make a new route from East Sarajevo to East Gorazde destroyed by soldiers of the Communist People's Army.
The biggest problem in the negotiations was Sokolac and Rogatica. Both cities were controlled by the Republic Of Srpska Army. A new quarrel has arisen here. It broke out between General Veselin Sljivancanin (Republic Of Srpska Army) and General Borislav Eric (Communist People's Army). General Eric kept saying that Sokolac and Rogatica had always been "communist" cities and would remain. In return, he offered Han Pijesak. Negotiations were adjourned to avoid major complications.

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