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Agenzia Statale di Stampa | Sabato 1 febbraio 2020
Cittą di San Giovanni, Montevento

Nuova Unione Alternativa votes against Montevento's candidate for the position of Secretary-General of the UFN

Official sources have informed Agenzia Statale di Stampa that of the 20 Monteventani parliamentarians in the United Forum of Nations Parliament, 6 have decided to vote against the appointment of Montevento's candidate, Mr. Marco Kreizler, to occupy the position of Secretary-General of the organisation, while 1 has abstained from voting and the remaining 13 have voted in favour.

The six parliamentarians that voted against Kreizler were Miriam Mantione, Tristano Benedetto and Nicola Branda from the Province of Costa Grande, Lazzaro Di Mauro from the Province of Fiume D'Oro and Irma Casini from Terra Nuova. All of them won their seats as candidates of the opposition party of Nuova Unione Alternativa (NUA). Eugenio Doro, who is also a member of NUA has instead voted in favour of Kreizler. The only representative of PAIS -a minor opposition party- has abstained from voting.

It is believed that the reasons for their negative votes have been the past relations that Marco Kreizler had with the governing Partito Nazionale di Montevento (PNM), as he has served as a member of the National Council for 9 years supporting said political party, as well as being appointed as Minister of Education and Culture under the government of Guido Rulli of the Partito Rosso, who is now in coalition with the PNM.

Eugenio Doro, who won his seat in the UFN parliament in representation of the Province of Fiume D'Oro, harshly criticised his counterparts and qualified their attitudes of "immature", citing that internal politics of Montevento should be set aside while participating in an international organisation such as the UFN, and that, despite Kreizler's political affiliations, he is more than capable of executing this position.

This is not the first time Doro defies the position of his political coalition, as he has had several similar situations in the past, even threatening to leave NUA and found a new political party with the support of his followers inside NUA in 2014 before the National Elections, putting at risk the results and stability of his party.