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Region: United Forum of Nations

Calicambria wrote:United States of Calicambria
President Elise Lambert | Alexandria

The President’s Office will coordinate with Nanakian officials to ensure a smooth arrival for the meeting at 1 Chandler Lane in Alexandria.

The plane(s) which will transport the Nanakian delegation will be cleared a pathway from the Alaska international area down through the Pacific coast of Calicambria to Alexandria International Airport.

Accommodations have been arranged for the delegation at the guest houses located on the 1 Chandler Lane estate.

President Lambert hopes to discuss, among other topics, the following: trade & commerce, labor, travel, business & investment, and cultural exchanges.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs official Communiqué
Maxim Switek, State Minister for Foreign Affairs

State Minister Maxim Switek and MP Thomas Ikunagawa will arrive shortly abord an Bombardier Global 7500 aircraft with special military registration NS-0100, heading for Alexandria International Airport.