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Region: 10000 Islands

The National Animal Competition is Complete!

Thanks to all those who entered! I am glad that the first event I got to put together as Cultural Officer was a success! Let me know if there's anything I could've done better or if you have any suggestions for future events!

The winner is Space Squid representing United martians with 16 votes! United Martians may claim their 25000 Taco prize on the forum!
The runner-up is a tie between Peacock representing Krystalveil with 12 valid votes and Hammer and Sickle representing Communist town! Congratulations to both of you. Sign up on the forum to claim your 10000 Taco prize!

For all of the other finalists, you will receive a 5000 Taco prize!

Thanks to everyone for turning out! I will send out taco prizes next week due to being out of town IRL this upcoming weekend - I apologize for the wait.

Additional Invalid Votes

Hammer and Sickle: Maegan.

Paffnia, Markanite, The Soylent Green Party, THX1138, and 12 othersKuriko, Marxist Germany, Krystalveil, Haivon, Communist town, Sandy Shoals, Onfande, Dorab, Alleida, Ozierri, Sheevv, and -coronavirus-