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Region: The Leftist Assembly

FRS Opinion Poll Results

Feral Rat Stats have just completed a poll to determine the approval rating of the Secretary and the Cabinet, and these are the results:

QUESTION: How satisfied are you with the leadership of Secretary Llorens?

Very Satisfied: 75%
Somewhat Satisfied: 0%
Neutral/Unsure: 13%
Somewhat Unsatisfied: 8%
Very Unsatisfied: 4%

QUESTION: How satisfied are you with the work of the Executive branch (Secretary + Ministers)?

Very Satisfied: 54%
Somewhat Satisfied: 17%
Neutral/Unsure: 25%
Somewhat Unsatisfied: 0%
Very Unsatisfied: 4%


1) The sample size was 24, and the Margin of Error is 19.11%.

2) This poll was open for 48 hours, rather than the usual 72, as we found in previous polling that responses after the 48-hour mark were very rare.

3) This poll received significantly fewer responses than previous polling, with all but 1 response coming in the first 24 hours. We cannot say with any certainty why this occurred.

Nottinhaps, Llorens, Fevhader, and Oscansa