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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

January 27, 2020

The capitol building of Ciudad Rey Alfonso I was looted and burnt to the ground by jihadists of the Deltinian Liberation Army.

Soldiers of the Creeperian Revolutionary Militarist Patriotic Front burnt a village and killed all 34 inhabitants.

Civilians find a report a mass dumping of 143 dead villagers in a river near the Senvarian Sea.

El Salvador

Radical protestors call for the resignation of the Senator of Ciudad Los’Ángeles for allowing the Morovan plane to be shot down.


16 Mara Salvatrucha gang members are beheaded by local villagers.

San Miguel

Villagers around San Miguel burn the homes of atheists across the department. Approximately 65 atheists died in their homes and another 17 were crucified for their denial of the divine.

San Romero

After negotiations, the National Coffee and Sugar Corporation agrees to a deal worth 165 billion colóns. CORNACA will sell 125,000 tons of sugar to Willdavie per month over the next year, a total of 13.75 billion colóns per month. Deliveries by ship will begin in February.

San Salvador

Senators Schafik Handal López and Frederick Schuessler IV arrive at the San Salvador Imperial Palace to begin discussions with Alexander II and Kemoh Foday.


The DLA attempted to rob a bank in Chalatenango. The bank resisted and the local police intervened. 13 Castillianans, 4 Creeperans, and 12 Deltinians were killed.

Third dynasty of ur - all
The Constitutional Republic of Zion - San Miguel and El Salvador
Willdavie - San Romero

Caezar, Jarenova, Terranihil, Third dynasty of ur, and 1 otherWilldavie