by Max Barry

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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

Third dynasty of ur

The Constitutional Republic of Zion wrote:OUTRAGE - MOROVAN GOVERNMENT PLANNING NEXT MOVE
This headline of the daily issue of the Morovan People's Press causes fear and uncertainty among Morovans. Angry demonstrations are taking place near the positions of Creeperian aid tents and the guards protecting them. Rocks, bottles, and books are being thrown at them. Premier Myshkin read a pre-written statement on national television.
"We are shocked and appalled by the actions of Creeperopolis towards our plane. This was a peaceful force hoping to explore areas south of Creeperopolis. Other nations can enjoy comfort and security in their international travel, but Morova has been targeted by a vicious nation that stands contrary to our values of personal liberty and free thought. Creeperopolis must immediately order the end of their blockade, or defensive actions will be taken to secure our shores and avenge this vicious crime."

Lyoan troops protecting aid encampments have requested that Creeperian and other aid agencies move into Kieva International Airport for their own safety. Lyoan troops have informed demonstrators that force will be used if violence against the LNDF increases.


Creeperopolis and Caezar